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♦  Guides to Adapting and Creating OER Textbooks & Learning Materials

OER book on Making Open Textbooks with Students from REBUS A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students. Collection from practioners & leaders in the field.

Guides from BCCampus, British Columbia.

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Publishing a high-quality Open Textbook is a complex process, with multiple decisions, tasks, and workflows to manage. There are all sorts of questions—about formats and licenses, peer review, marketing, metadata, and discovery—that need answering, and all sorts of jobs—copy editing, proofreading, sourcing images, design—that need to be done. We are building community-driven processes and tools for managing Open Textbook publishing in a new way. Join us at

Pressbooks authoring tool for print and electronic books




Professional quality html edition. Small fee for EPUB, MOBI, and PDF versions.

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Open Author

Create media rich documents. Multiple download formats. Requires registering for an account.

Module Builder

Create interactive modules.