UConnPIRG, student fighting for students

According to the College Board, the average undergraduate student should budget between $1,200 and $1,300 for textbooks and supplies each year. That’s as much as 40% of tuition at a two-year community college and 13% at a four-year public institution. For many students and families already struggling to afford a college degree, that is simply too much – meaning more debt, working longer hours, or making choices that undermine academic success.

For more than a decade, the Student PIRGS have led the way in exposing publisher’s practices that rip off students, championing cost-saving textbook options like used books and rental programs, and advocating for open textbooks as a long-term solution.We can save students a ton of money, and put the heat on publishers to make textbooks affordable.

Kharl Reynado, UConnPIRG

Kharl Reynado, UConnPIRG, in Chicago

Kharl Reynado has spent all four years at UConn working hard. She's a student, activist, leader, State Board Chair, traveler, and mover for Open and Affordable Textbooks! This year she was chosen as a OpenStax Student Blogger and represented UConn and OpenStax at the Open Education National Convention in Niagara Falls. She presented several talks and joined in panel presentations as well.