Course Redesign Application

Open Initiative : OER Course Application

Successful proposals will emphasize the link between innovative educational practices and the use of OER. Awards will vary based on their impact on lowering costs for UConn students with the maximum award of $1000 each for instructors whose proposals benefit the greatest amount of students and demonstrate the most innovative practices in the use or adoption of OER.
  • Full name(s) of Faculty/Instructor(s)
  • Comma separated if more than one
  • Your School or College
  • Provide course number and name, anticipated number of students enrolled, number of sections per semester, course type (e.g., required of majors, elective, general education).
  • Provide citation and cost of the current textbook or other course materials
  • Choose the campus where this course is taught. More than one campus can be chosen, if applicable.
  • In the text box below, provide a description of 500 words or less of your proposed alternative to a traditional textbook. In the description, include the following details: your vision of the new curricular resource strategy and what will make the project a success; the intended impact or change for student learning and on your pedagogy; the timeline/semester for implementation of the project and the anticipated sustainability of the project through future courses; and anticipated challenges of the project.
  • Attach a copy of your current course syllabus (required for all grant applications).