Past Events

Open Access Week 2016 Forum, October 26, 2016

Presentations Slidedecks


Empowering Authors through Publication Agreements 

Maximize control, impact and discoverability of your scholarly output.

Open Access Flavors

What are the different types of open access and why do they matter?

OA? OER? What’s the Difference?

Two different movements with a lot in common. How do they support each other?


This digital identifier distinguishes you from every other researcher. Learn about the ID and how to use it.

Entering the Creative Commons

What are open licenses and how do they add value to scholarly and creative work?

Managing Your Scholarly ID Online

Make your scholarly author identity visible and available for citation.

UConn’s Research Data Repository 

Learn how UConn can help make your data publicly available.

Symposium, April 19, 2016. Dr. David Wiley, Keynote.

"Affordable Textbooks : It Starts With Us"

Dr. Wiley's slides