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Celebrating our Trailblazers in Open and Affordable Education at UConn

Trailblazers are bold and caring faculty who free themselves from commercial textbooks and provide exceptional learning opportunities using alternative materials in their courses.

Affordable course materials include:

  • Faculty created new learning materials : textbooks, syllabi, videos, interactive online modules, etc.
  • Linking to course readings selected from the library's collections of online resources
  • Negotiating with the publishers for lower prices on commercial textbooks
  • Adapting or adopting resources from one of many OER Repositories around the world
  • Using Public Domain texts, data, or images for analysis and new knowledge creation

Here are our UConn Trailblazers

They have saved our students over $400,000 since our initiative's humble beginnings in Fall of 2015.
Let us know how you help students afford a UConn degree. Post your good work here to share with our community.

Emma Bojinova, Agriculture and Resource Economics, adopting an existing OER Textbook
Emma Bojinova, Agriculture and Resource Economics, adopting and supplementing an existing OER Textbook for ARE 1150.

Lois Church, Adjunct Professor of English, UConn Waterbury
Lois Lake Church, English, UConn Waterbury, adopting an open access textbook and open pedagogy.

Challa Kumar, Chemistry
Challa Kumar, professor of chemistry, center, with Inoka Deshapriya, left, and Caterina Riccardi, both graduate students on Oct. 28, 2013. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo). Dr. Kumar will be creating OER texts and ancillaries for Physical Chemistry.

Ambar Sengupta, Mathematics
Ambar Sengupta and Alexander Teplyaev will be creating a new open textbook in Probability Theory for MATH 3160.

Alexia Smith, Anthropology
Dr. Alexia Smith, Anthropology. In her course Great Discoveries in Archaeology, Dr. Smith will use rich media, news, research articles, and primary data.

Amit Savkar, Mathematics

Amit Savkar and Jaramillo Drew will be using their years of teaching expertise to create a new open textbook for Pre-Calculus as well as creating the online help, quiz, and text banks.

New Astronomy Faculty, adopting an OER Astronomy textbook.
Astronomers Kate Whitaker, left, Jonathan Trump, and Cara Battersby at the UConn Physics Observatory on Oct. 14, 2016. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Dr. Ed Neth
10/9/15 Dr. Edward Neth, Chemistry. Photo by Mei Buzzell, UConn Daily Campus

Jospeh DePasquale
Joseph DePasquale, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry. First adopter of OpenStax Chemistry beginning Spring, 2016. He is currently creating ancillary materials for the text as OER.

Dr. Ellen Carillo, English, Waterbury
Dr. Ellen Carillo, Department of English, UConn Waterbury, authored A Writer’s Guide to Mindful Reading, an open-access textbook, which will be used by First Year Writing and "W" classes beginning Fall, 2017.

Caner Hazar
Caner Hazar, Doctoral Candidate in Sociology. Instructor for SOCI 1501: Race, Class, and Gender. Completely redesigned his course. One student said:
"I can tell the curriculum was more thought out, as every part was handpicked. It made the unit comprehensive and often made the issue more contemporary and practical."

Dr. Nina Stein
Dr. Nina Stein, Chemistry, UConn Waterbury. Dr. Stein utilized the OpenStax Connexion platform and adapted the Chemistry textbook to better match her pedagogical approach for CHEM1127.

Dr. David B. Miller and Addison Zhao
Dr. David Miller has been involved in Open Education for many years creating podcasts of classroom lectures for his students. Miller and Zhao recently co-authored as chapter in a new book - Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science

Jason Oliver Chang, Professor of History and Asian American Studies
Dr. Jason Oliver Chang, Professor of History and Asian American Studies, built his Immigration course around public domain historical data, scholarly articles, and relevant online resources.

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